Write a Letter to Santa

Christmas is coming and kids are waiting for this festive season. How would your kids know that they are on Santa’s good list? You know that Santa is very busy during this time of the year and he would need parents’ help, especially in his mailing list.

Give your child this Christmas a sparkle of the holiday spirit by helping him write a letter to Santa. Here are the steps to outline the best letter for Santa:

-    Get for your child a special Christmas paper, a pen and some stickers.

-    Put on some Christmas music at home.

-    Start by writing the address then let your child begin his letter with “Dear Santa”.

-    Ask your child to introduce himself to Santa in the first paragraph, as :

“My name is ……………………………………. and I am 5 years old. I live in ……………………………… and I bet you know where it is!! I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.”

-    In the second paragraph, your child should tell Santa how good he was this year. Make your child write 1 or 2 incidents where he’s done good things to you, his brothers, sisters or friends.

-    Now your child is ready to ask for what he wants. Let him think carefully about his needs and remind him that Santa will be distributing gifts for all kids during that night. He has to pick one or two things so Santa won’t get confused.

-    Finish the letter with “Thank you” or “Sincerely” or “Love you”….

-    Put the letter in an envelope and seal it.

Now your kids have finished writing the perfect letter. Make sure to take that letter to the post and mail it to the North Pole. You know very well that Santa reads on all his mails, so make sure that he responds!